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That Which Flows By Manhwa – A Detailed Guide

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Embark on a captivating journey through the realms of “That Which Flows,” a mesmerizing Manhwa that beckons with allure. Brimming with heart, infused with humor, and sprinkled with the enchantment of magic, this series unfolds an enticing narrative, inviting readers to traverse realms beyond the ordinary. Prepare for an immersive exploration of this fanciful world as we delve into the intricacies in this insightful discourse.


Yeon, a young water magician who aspires to join a guild and advance his abilities, is the main character of the novel. Yeon was born with a natural gift for magic, particularly water manipulation. He travels to the Gilde, a place where those with magical talent go on adventures and test their abilities.

Yeon forges bonds with Lisesharte, a fiery wizard and a jovial but easily agitated girl, and Jueki, an earth magician. Together, they use their elemental magic to aid the locals while going on guild missions.

  • Yeon is a nice and bold person who is always willing to help those in need. Using his water magic, he may strike foes and heal allies.
  • Lisesharte is difficult and unyielding. She is capable of both assault and defense with her fire magic.
  • Jueki is logical and well-organized. He can manipulate the ground with the use of his earth magic, creating barriers or imprisoning rivals.

Together, the three go on adventures, make new friends, and overcome obstacles to the kingdom. Readers who adore fantasy and adventure will love following Yeon and his friends as they explore the magical world of That Which Flows. The vivid illustrations and endearing characters make this a pleasant Manhwa for readers of all ages.

What is The Story of That Which Flows By Manhwa?

The protagonist of the tale is Yuri, a little child who perceives “lines of flow”—a symbol of fate and destiny—everywhere she looks. Because she controls these lines, she has the ability to alter people’s futures. She regularly wrestles with the moral ramifications of altering her fate, though, as well as the unanticipated effects of her choices.

Who are the Key Characters?


Yuri, the primary character, is a high school student with the ability to perceive people’s lines of flow and shape their destiny. Despite her doubts about the ethics of manipulating fate, she desires to utilize her abilities for the good of others.


Takahiro, Yuri’s boyhood friend, regularly alters Yuri’s destiny in order to keep him safe. Unbeknownst to him, he harbors deep affection for Yuri. His frequently twisted flow line suggests that he has had a lot of hardship in his life.

The Lines of Flow: 

One’s fate is expressed through the Lines of Flow. Only Yuri can see these lines, which resemble tangled, multicolored strands encircling a person. Yuri has the ability to alter someone’s future for the better or worse by switching the strands.

Moral Dilemmas:

Moral quandaries are the story’s central themes. Yuri wants to help those around her, but she is worried by the morality of changing one’s luck. Every time she modifies her fate, she has to deal with the unexpected consequences of her actions. Yuri wonders if she ought to use her gift at all.

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